Regarding efficacy of silver, smaller is better -- Toxicologist-approved™ Pure Atomic Silver in Distilled Water.

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SILVER vs VIRII -- Silver is A Broad Spectrum Anti-Viral, by Paul Maher, MD MPH, 22 Mar 2019 (PDF)

"The anti-fungal, anti-protozoal and broad spectrum anti-bacterial properties of silver have been well-researched and documented in medical studies. Somewhat more recently the broad spectrum anti-viral activity of silver has become more widely recognized and documented.

"This review will examine the peer-reviewed medical literature relating to the anti-viral properties of silver with specific attention paid to anti-viral activity of silver against enveloped viruses and, in light of the recent COVID-19 viral pandemic, what studies may be available specifically concerning the activity of silver against coronaviruses."

"... Following the earlier work of Chang and Stozkowska, Baram-Pinto et al. created silver nanoparticles ... and studied their effect on Herpes simplex virus. These silver nanoparticles led to the blockage of viral entry into cells and "prevention of subsequent infection"."

"... Silver has been examined by multiple researchers for its effect on influenza virus. ... Xiang et al. reported that silver nanoparticles in the 10 nm [colloidal nanoidal] range inhibited influenza A as evidenced through a variety of assays. ... The authors state, "In the presence of silver-nps, the ability of H1N1 influenza A virus to agglutinate erythrocytes was either reduced or completely inhibited"."

"... Moving on to 2014, the following study, "Inhibitory effect of silver nanomaterials on transmissible virus-induced host cell infections" by Lv et al. ... The authors note that human corona viral infections including the recent MERS and SARS outbreaks are a public health concern ... nanosilver particles decreased cell apoptosis (death) from corona virus infection".

Note that we make no claims. Read the papers; the science speaks for itself.

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